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Reserve Manager
Gender: Male
Education: Specialist
    job responsibilities: obey the company's management system, and actively complete the tasks assigned by the superior. familiar with the job responsibilities of each post to lead the staff to complete the company's monthly sales performance fill in the store work log responsible for store staff scheduling, attendance, daily assessment Security shop is bright and clean, tidy and orderly goods do a good job of fresh management, effective control of product loss to protect the goods within the store, selling goods inventory volume of not less than two days of sales to do a good job in a timely manner. have the ability to deal with emergencies have the ability to cultivate talents for the company for the company to put forward feasible suggestions qualifications: A wealth of sales experience, rich professional knowledge and management knowledge, in store sales management, inventory, product, staff management, and other aspects have practical experience and love the cultur...
Age: 28 to 38years old Number of people: 5
Sales Clerk
Gender: Female
Education: Specialist
    job responsibilities: responsible for mobile payment work; collect, handle customer maintenance work orders; notify customer access; responsible for the reception of home customers; regular inventory store memory; job requirements: college degree or above, majored in holiday; professional no limit; have a strong compression ability, good communication skills, self-motivated; agree with the corporate culture and the development direction, and are willing to start from the basic level; location: Changsha County Langli street; ...
Age: 20 to 35years old Number of people: 5

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