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Changsha County Langli town hospital

Changsha County Langli town hospital is located in Changsha, the capital of the eastern suburbs, Liuyang River of the ancient town of the millennium -- Langli, 12 km away from Changsha City, convenient transportation, elegant environment. Hospital is shouldering the people of the town of maternal and child health care, health and epidemic prevention, patriotic health education work, is sponsored by the government of a non-profit hospital.

Hospital now has a staff of more than 40, the intermediate title 6; preparation of 22 beds; have 200mAX machine, ultrasound machine, ECG, urine 10a, biochemical instrument, with high, fine, sharp medical equipment and a more powerful technical force and advanced management philosophy is a full-featured, strength of increasingly strong comprehensive type primary hospital.

The hospital has medico technical departments of internal medicine, pediatrics, medicine, surgery, obstetrics and Gynecology, orthopedics, clinical departments and Department of Radiology, B-room, ECG room, etc..

Hospital in 1998 was assessed as "Baby Friendly Hospital; Department of Orthopaedics and traumatology in 1999 because of the characteristic of the specialized subject and quality service is China Life Insurance Company life for a designated hospital.

Hospital in April 27, 2016 moved to Lang Li Bao Jia Jia Xin Village Street 200 meters south of the school.


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