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traffic management service station can handle illegal places.
Author:dengren  Source:本站  Time:2016-6-8
Foreign traffic violations were fine, in the past need to go to the counter to pay. Now, for the traffic management service station kiosk pear, a field of illegal in about two minutes.

Hunan comprehensive promotion of traffic offense self-service machine, with these devices, the public can be treated with a single fine of 200 yuan (including) the following non site traffic violations. At present, the initiative has been in Changsha, Zhuzhou, Yueyang, Chenzhou 4 areas for pilot.

Note that it can deal with the traffic violations occurred nationwide, but the current due to the sub branch phase, because the interface is still in the debugging phase, temporarily not to deal with violations of other provinces." Accordingly the relevant responsible person to remind you.

Compared to online self-help service platform, traffic violations self-service processor eliminates the registered information, binding of a driver's license, information verification link, for not familiar with computer operation of the driver, just according to the self-service processor on the system prompts, step by step can be a simple operation for illegal business.

When driving people to traffic illegal self-service machine for traffic illegal business, you need to carry my two generation ID card, driver's license, the name of the bank card and handling of illegal vehicles can be. Pay a fine of the bank card does not support the credit card overdraft, driver's license should be issued by the Hunan public security traffic police department, and the owner does not require the same. The two generation ID card is not limited by the household registration in Hunan.

By the financial non tax reconciliation system constraints, the current pay invoices of fines to take centralized printing and site can not provide invoices, bills to the traffic police brigade at penalty claim or to the punishment in the window.

Pear traffic management service station is located in Dongsheng Road, this can go to.


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