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The boat on Mao river
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Mao river place is now the crow forest bridge. Here is the East Mao Gang (Mao Mao Tong words) is closely connected with the Liuyang River outlet, that time the Mao river water was so wide that people want to go to the other sider must be use ship. It is contained in the Northern Song Dynasty in the early years of the taipingyulan, Narathiwat nephew in Linxiang Hill monastic use this wide Hong Bike. "People in the past had to Yizhou should be correspondent ferry, because the name". What time the crow forest bridge? "In the early Qing Dynasty, Nagahashi Liuji invested governor repair stone. Bridge, there are countless Crow fly Ming set suitable, sometimes to crow named Lin qiao".

When there is a poem: "water cross apart, East floating cloud lan. The river to steal information and sound out from hugh. Contented Changqiao Liu, spare boat. The breeze with the landing, not like a gull at leisure."

Due to changes of landforms, past "Yizhou should cross" in mao river, now is too narrow for a next big ferry. A boat that spare, already entered the history.

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